Let’s Hear What Families are Saying About Special Day Foundation

Dear Special Day Foundation,

We had a marvelous time. James, Becky and Brett had so much fun. Thank you for allowing these young adults to have such a wonderful opportunity. Captain Mark is terrific. Patient and kind.

~ Janie V.



Thanks so much to Special Day for making this possible! We had an excellent time on the boat. Capt. Mark was wonderful–so patient, calm, and accomodating. Nico, our son with Down Syndrome, did well even with his sensory issues and ADHD. At times he was like an octopus, wanting to touch everything, climb, and being so impulsive, but then he got into his groove where he was fascinated with the bait fish and just wanted to hold them. That was fine with us, as it gave capt. time with our other son. Grampy had a great time fishing with his grandchildren! Please know that we are so grateful for this opportunity and hope you can pass the message on!

~ The Moschini Family


Hey SDF!

Scotty absolutely LOVED the FL Aquarium! …When I told Scotty he was going (to the Florida Aquarium) to see fish, he said he wanted to go on “boat”. HA! So that tells me how much he enjoyed the boating trip too.

~ The Luli Family


Hi Special Day Foundation,

Thank you for getting our family tickets to the Florida Aquarium (through the Admit One 4 Fun ticket program). We appreciate the donation from the Aquarium and your foundation for making this possible for us to go. 


~ Messineo Family


Dear Special Day Foundation,

Having been born and raised in the Philippines, me and my family have little knowledge about the city of Tampa. That is why when an APD employee informed me about ..Special Day Foundation (and their AdmitOne4Fun) program for disabled children, I took advantage of it.

Me and my children, RJ (who has Prader-Willi syndrome) and my 17 year-old daughter, Queenie, visited the Henry B. Plant Museum, which was formerly the grandeur and elegant Tampa Bay Hotel, owned by Henry Plant, in the 1880’s. We were so amazed at the classical architectural design of the building and the splendid hotel’s furnishings (i.e. furnitures, vases, clocks, paintings, sculptures, etc) that Mr. and Mrs. Plant bought from different parts of the world during that era. We were indeed priveleged to participate in this meaningful program. We hope that Special Day Foundation will host more programs like this in the future.

Thank you so much!!

~ Bansil Family


Dear SDF,

Just wanted to thank you again for the tickets. We had such a wonderful time. My son Jon thanked me at least 4 times yesterday, I was so happy he was having such a great time!

We ate hotdogs, toured the stadium, he hung out with his friends, played the tennis ball game by the dug-out. Got picked on by a mascot, and saw a spectacular fireworks display at the end of the night.

We loved it. Sending pics enjoy. Thank you again,

~ The Brew-Molinaro Family


“The Special Day Foundation is a wonderful community resource for families of children with special needs and I encourage families to take advantage of the AdmitOne4Fun ticket program.

My family had a great day out together at The Florida Aquarium.”

~ The Quaid Family


Dear Special Day Foundation,

Thank you again for the MOSI (Musuem of Science and Industry) tickets.
We had a BLAST!
…I really want to thank you and the Special Day Foundation for everything you do. It is so wonderful to know you guys are here and can give families a little relief and fun in their hectic lives. I know our day at MOSI was nice and slow paced, which we needed. Not to mention it was nice for all of us to be able to hang out together instead of a tag team effort because we can’t afford for all of us to go at the same time.


~ Holland Family


Dear Special Day Foundation,

Thank you for the tickets to …the Marauders game. My husband and son had a good time. (My son) did really well at the game. In the past, we had to leave early because the noise level (cheering and clapping) really bothered him.

(The game) was a huge success, as you can tell in the picture.

~ Huitema Family


~ Luli Family Thank You Letter