Recreational Activities

Special Day Foundation recognizes the need to provide a safe, fun and adventurous environment which challenges people with special needs to reach their true potential, above and beyond their basic daily care needs.

Providing nature-based opportunities, away from the obvious obstacles such as transportation, education, employment and housing, allows developmentally challenged individuals to enjoy the sights, sounds and feel of the outdoors in extraordinary ways.

These experiences help to improve physical mobility, sensory and social development, and provide occasions for interaction with the general community.

For myriad of reasons, these children and adults often are isolated from participating in outdoor recreational activities and have limited opportunities to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting a healthy environment. The Special Day Foundation provides a means for special needs people to experience the physical, psychological and social benefits of nature-based recreation.

Special Day Foundation is providing opportunities for special needs children and adults to participate in an unusual outreaching of its philanthropy- one created expressly for this region of Florida.

Boating and fishing activities on the area’s bays and Intercoastal Waterway now are available along Florida’s Gulf Coast at no cost to participants.

More people with special needs are able to actually experience the thrill of casting a line, catching fish or brimming along the waves on a boat- maybe for the first time in their lives! These outings are made possible by community-wide supporters and volunteers who generously donate their time and talents.

It’s an adventure that can be therapeutic, exhilarating and rewarding for participants and volunteers alike!

Outdoor recreation can make significant contributions to quality of life by encouraging individuals with disabilities opportunities to identify with their environment, and experience activities that improve overall health and social awareness. These activities can help reduce health disparities and offer individuals with disabilities opportunities to develop a sense of identity and achieve the highest level of quality of life*.

Activities available for participation include ecological boat tours of the natural waterways of Florida’s Gulf Coast, adaptive fishing, and kayaking. The outings are conducted year round, and are provided at no cost to the special needs community through gracious individual donations and foundation support.

* Quality of Life and Identity: The Benefits of a Community-based Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Sports Programs. Ramon B Zabriskie; Neil R Lundberg; Diane G Groff. Therapeutic Recreation Journal; Third Quarter 2005; 39, 3

* Children with Disabilities’ Perceptions of Activity Participation and Environments: A Pilot Study. Johanna Harding. Kimberly Harding. Patricia Jamieson. Maria Mullally. The Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. Ottawa: Jun 2009. Vol 76, Iss. 3


Special Day Foundation provides opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities to experience the physical, therapeutic and social value of nature-based recreational activities through its Adapted Fishing program.

Accompanied by family and/or caregivers and SDF volunteers, special needs children and adults are able to participate in adapted fishing and boat tours of the natural inland and coastal waterways of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Fishing trips can be scheduled 7 days a week to accommodate working families.  Each trip may consist of up to 5 people with at least 1 being a special needs participant.

Trips will be scheduled in advance and will typically last approximately 4 hours or less, mostly during morning times.

The family/caregiver is required to bring any medical equipment, medication, and supplies required for care of the special needs participant.  Families/caregivers are also required to bring any food/drink items required for the special needs person and themselves for the duration of the trip.

The Captain is responsible for the operation of the boat and to assist with fishing equipment, as needed.  All fishing equipment, licenses, and bait are provided by Special Day Foundation.  All safety instructions must be followed according to the Captain’s discretion, including life vests, as instructed.

Please consider joining us as we provide opportunities for a Special Day for a special needs person!

For interest in scheduling an adapted fishing trip contact SDF at (941) 225-3103 or

You can download a printable PDF version of the Adapted Fishing Application:

Printable PDF Application

Or you can complete the following online application:

Adapted Fishing Program Participant Information

  • Does the participant have Sensory Awareness - Tactile Stimulation (touch)?
  • Participation in Special Day Foundation's fishing program is voluntary. Each participant must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for his or her care for the duration of the trip in order to participate. All safety instructions from the Captain or SDF staff must be followed at all times while on the boat/trip.
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